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All-inclusive group travel programs in Timor-Leste for high schools, universities, and family & friend groups.

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Tourism is a key development sector in Timor-Leste. We are committed to achieving private sector development goals.



Meet our team dedicated to providing high quality travel programs.

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Hear what our past students and teachers have said about their educational tour experience with us.



Our programs challenge students to consider practical solutions to complex real world issues. 

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We implement comprehensive risk management strategies to ensure our travel programs are operated to the highest safety standards.



Community and environment is at the heart of all our travel programs. We create meaningful travel experiences beneficial for people and the planet.



Timor Unearthed is a registered company and licensed tour operator in Timor-Leste. Since 2017, our team has been dedicated to providing high-quality travel experiences that are educational, safe and sustainable. We facilitate annual travel programs for many international school programs, university programs, and private family and friend groups.

As a social enterprise, we operate to grow a sustainable tourism industry in Timor-Leste. We aim to educate our travelers, safeguard the ecosystems we explore and empower local communities. All our travel programs are designed in line with the frameworks provided in the National Tourism Policy of Timor-Leste, Timor-Leste Strategic Development Plan 2011-2030, and the United Nations World Tourism Organisations Tourism For Sustainable Development Goals.

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Positive impact through sustainable tourism.

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"I am happy to recommend Alex Johnson and his team to anyone wishing to experience the best of Timor- Leste in a way that is educational, sustainable and that ethically supports the local people. I was fortunate enough to be a part of a school group immersion to Timor Leste in July of 2019. Even though it was actually my fourth time to Timor Leste, I came away from the immersion with new understandings of the current political, environmental and social climate of Timor Leste, all created by the vast range of activities and experiences provided to us by Alex and his team.


The itinerary selected for our school group was very reflective of the goals we had set for the immersion as Alex was very flexible and happy to accommodate any changes that we wanted to make. I was also very happy with the ethical and sustainable choices made throughout the immersion in regards to simple things like where we ate. I felt like all the local businesses we supported throughout had positive messages and goals which were excellent for our students to see and experience. We especially enjoyed supporting local businesses and initiatives like the Agora Food Studio, STVJ Training Centre and the 3R’s.


The professionalism and knowledge demonstrated by Alex and his team of guides were second to none. Through the guides, we gained an incredible amount of knowledge of the history, culture and current situation of the Timorese people. This was developed in the formal parts of the tour but also in the everyday chats the students got to have with them. All of our boys left very inspired by the passion our guides have for their country.


I was also very impressed by the level of attention given to the health and safety of our students. All of our guides, drivers and homestay families had all been trained in a range of health and safety procedures including safe driving, safe food handling and child protection. This left us very confident that we were in the safest of hands.


I would highly recommend Alex and his team to anyone considering taking a school group to Timor Leste. I believe that it is his passion and dedication to helping the Timorese people that has inspired my students to want to come back again and to continue to support the local community in the future."

Kaitlyn Downey, Immersion Coordinator - Waverley College, Sydney, 2019