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Our programs challenge students to consider practical solutions to complex real world issues. 

educational tour


We implement comprehensive risk management strategies to ensure our travel programs are operated to the highest safety standards.



Community and environment is at the heart of all our travel programs. We create meaningful travel experiences beneficial for people and the planet.



Educational Travel
Safe Travel


We liaise with group leaders to design travel experiences that focus on group learning objectives. We do this by connecting your group with relevant community members and partnering organizations throughout Timor-Leste.  


Our programs aim to support the work of existing organizations and development initiatives in Timor-Leste. We do this by engaging local organizations to provide high-quality learning workshops for our groups. Our partnering organizations are carefully selected to ensure students are provided with an enriching learning experience and expose students to a range of industries, community groups, and international experts. 

Our programs in the past have included educational workshops on the following topics:

  • History

  • Permaculture and agriculture

  • Marine and environmental conservation

  • Traditional food and hospitality

  • Gender equality

  • Ecotourism

  • Coffee production

  • Health and hygiene

  • Water security

  • Physical education and sport


By participating in a Timor Unearthed tour program you are supporting the development of future tourism leaders. We emphasize to our staff that our travel programs are also an opportunity for them to learn. Our team consists of senior tour guides (experienced and skilled staff who have extensive experience working in tourism) and junior staff (recent tourism graduates with little to no experiences working in tourism). Our junior staff receive training and mentorship from our senior management team with our training program involving theory and practical elements. Our programs are designed to be a shared learning experience for all involved. ​

All our staff receive training in the following modules; 

Module 1: Tour Operations Workplace Health and Safety

  • Identifying hazards and risks

  • Conducting risk assessments for tour programs

  • Understanding and applying the hierarchy of controls to tourism activities

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities for safety management

  • Applying basic first aid

  • Reviewing safety management systems

  • Acting in accordance with Timor Unearthed Safe Driving Protocols

Module 2: Safe Driving Practices

  • Understanding Timor-Leste's road laws

  • Vehicle maintenance and condition assessments

  • Fatigue management

  • Acting in accordance with Timor Unearthed Safe Driving Protocols

Module 3: Child Protection Training

  • Understanding care needs of children

  • Identifying child maltreatment

  • Understanding our commitment and responsibility to ensure the safety of all children who travel with us and live in the villages we work in

  • Acting in accordance with Timor Unearthed Child Protection Policy and Reporting Protocol

Modules 4:  Tour Guide Skills and Knowledge

  • Historical and cultural knowledge

  • Public speaking, and storytelling skills

  • Tour preparation and logistics

  • Managing traveler expectations and problem-solving

  • Tour guide training for homestay training programs

  • Principals of sustainable and ethical tourism

  • Understanding key aspects of Timor-Leste's National Tourism Policy and Strategic Development Plan
  • Acting in accordance with Timor Unearthed Staff Code of Conduct

Modules 5:  Emergency Response

  • Understanding and identifying potential emergency situations

  • Acting in accordance with Timor Unearthed Emergency Response Protocols



Providing a safe travel experience is our number one priority. Safety regulations in Timor-Leste are lax in comparison to a country like Australia, however, Timor Unearthed operates to ensures all our programs have thorough risk management strategies in place. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our travelers, staff and the communities we operate in.


All our programs involve a comprehensive risk assessment prior to departure. This includes evaluating itinerary designs, locations we travel to, activities we undertake and providers we use. All our staff are involved in pre-departure risk assessment evaluations.


All our travelers participate in a detailed pre-departure safety discussion. This ensures everyone in the group is aware of potential hazards and risks and is capable of adhering to our safety management strategies while traveling in Timor-Leste. 


While traveling in Timor-Leste our team conducts regular Take 5 Risk Assessments. This is where we 'take 5 minutes' to assess the daily activities and identify our controls in place to manage potential risks. In the Take 5 Risk Assessments, we discuss changes to weather, locations, activities, road conditions, group wellbeing, and any other unforeseen changes that might have occurred during our travels.


We provide training opportunities to all our staff including workplace health and safety, risk assessment training, emergency procedures training, first aid training, child protection training, and safe driving training. In July 2021, we completed a safe tourism training project in partnership with USAID's Tourism For All Program.


We have comprehensive plans in place in the unlikely case of an emergency or medical evacuation. We ensure all our emergency procedures and contact information is reviewed and updated.




We acknowledge our tours have an impact on the environment by producing greenhouse gas emissions (through transport, products consumed, fires for cooking, etc). WithOneSeed is Timor-Leste first Gold Standard verified carbon forestry program in Timor Leste. WithOneSeed work with subsistence farming communities to replant their forests thereby creating a carbon store to build local economies, deliver practical education and training in agroforestry and permaculture to create a more sustainable, equal and just world. We are proud to offset our carbon footprint through the WithOneSeed project. Find out more about WithOneSeed at 


Timor-Leste is a beautiful country with incredible natural resources such as pristine coral reefs and tropical forests. However, like many developing nations waste management is a big challenge. Timor Unearthed is committed to reducing and recycling our waste. On arrival in Timor-Leste we brief all our travellers on the importance of sustainable consumer choices and waste management in Timor. As a reminder of our commitment, we provide all our travelers with a eco-friendly shopping bag made by a local women's group. Clean drinking water is always provided in dispensers to reduce the need to buy plastic water bottles. Whenever possible, we bring all our waste back to recycling facilities in Dili. We are always looking to improve our commitment to waste management. 


We endeavor to support businesses with the same sustainable and ethical values. Whenever possible, we always take our travelers to restaurants and accommodation that are conscious of their impacts. This may include businesses that use local seasonal produce, are conscious of waste production, and invest in staff development.


The Timor-Leste National Tourism Policy, Timor-Leste Strategic Development Plan, and the UN World Tourism Organisation Tourism Sustainable Development Goals.


We work to empower communities through sustainable tourism opportunities. All our programs are designed through consultations with the local communities, and organisations. Kaka is our Sustainability Advisor and the co-ordinator of a local environmental education NGO 3Rs Timor-Leste. Kaka plays an important role by ensuring we operate to the highest possible environmental standards and providing our groups with educational presentations.

Sustainale Travel
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