Timor Unearthed Tours Unipessoal LDA is a Timorese registered company dedicated to providing high-quality educational travel experiences in Timor-Leste. Our team has experience facilitating annual travel programs for many international school and university groups as well as and private family and friend groups.


As a social enterprise, we operate to grow a sustainable tourism industry in Timor-Leste. Through our programs, we aim to educate our travelers, safeguard the ecosystems we explore and empower local communities. All our travel programs are designed in line with the framework provided in the National Tourism Policy of Timor-Leste and the Steps to Sustainable Tourism Approach by the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage

We are currently updating our website, but please feel free to get in contact with us at info@timorunearthed.com or complete the form below.

“Now is the time to put tourism at the heart of our political agenda and plant the seeds that, if nurtured, will bear economic fruits for our people and have lasting positive impacts on future generations of Timorese. Our vision is that by 2030 we will have a vibrant, attractive tourism sector that makes a significant contribution to employment across the country, is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable, helps promote a positive image of Timor-Leste overseas, and is an industry that people wish to work in.”

Dr. Rui Maria de Araújo Prime Minister, 2017
Former Priminister of Timor-Leste